Astyanax is a game for the NES released in 1990... I THINK!

History Edit

The game was originally titled Nasty Anal X and was presumably the 10th installment in the Nasty Anal game series. It is the only game in the Nasty Anal series released in North America. The cutscenes in the game were inspired by art-house cinema.

Gameplay Edit

The game takes place in Dom's living room where you fight Audrey 2 while wearing the lamest armor ever.

Continue? Edit

The Continue? episode was released on November 6th, 2013 and was played for FANTASY MONTH! Josh gave it a CONTINUE because he's a glutton for punishment and because of his love for buff-ass dudes with axes. Paul gave it a CONTINUE because he felt he could get good at it. Nick gave it a GAME OVER.

Other Names Edit

There are many different names for the game, including:

  • Asterisk
  • Nasty Anal X
  • Nasty Man-Ass
  • Asti Spumante
  • Assaholic Nanny
  • Asteroid Nuisance
  • Asterik Latex
  • Assimilate Nonsense
  • Astin-Martin-Annex

Quotes Edit

"Look at that little fairy butt." —Josh

"Rosebud. It's a reference to an old film. I THINK." —Paul

"Ah fucking loveee unicorns." —Paul

"Oh my fucking god, I'm so fucking ripped and badass. If I didn't already have sex with myself I would." —Josh

"I'm gonna listen to As I Lay Dying and just play this all night, and not do my homework." —Josh

"This double dog man is sexy as hell." - Paul

"Step to Astyanx you get BURNT!" —Paul

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