Simple 2000 Series 50: The Daibijin (JP: SIMPLE 2000 シリーズ Vol. 50: The 大美人 Lit: "The giant beautiful person"), also known as Demolition Girl in English, is a Hentai-themed arcade-style action shooter game. Supermodel Riho Fubata is on a photoshoot on a small island called Minakojima off Okinawa, when she's bitten by an alien creature which transforms her into a malevolent giantess. It's your job to drive various military vehicles with different weapons in order to protect the population from her wrath.[1]

The game was developed by Tamsoft.

Continue or Game Over?[edit | edit source]

Person Decision

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Hi, my name is Josh!" —Desmond

"He's the new Josh." —Paul

"Oh, it's equal opportunity." —Josh

"This is like a thing right? People get like fetish-y about big women, gigantic-y women?" —Josh

"I never noticed how bright the sun is." —Paul

"Get the breast data, Nick!" —Josh

"Get up in the back." —Paul

"If I was in charge of this military operation we would only need the butt." —Josh

"You got to 69 on the butt." —Paul

"Do you think she gets naked in this? I'm looking it up." —Josh

"I'm definitely a helicopter guy but this is not the way to do it." —Nick

Nick Helicopter Murphy.jpg

"Why'd they put chains on her feet?" —Nick

"So she don't go kicking!" —Paul

"This game very weird." —Nick

"This game me no enjoy?" —Paul

True Facts[edit | edit source]

  • Nick Murphy's son Desmond and his brother Will both make cameo appearances in this episode.
  • EVM Productions (now known as Shady Corner) uploaded a video to celebrate Continue? playing the game, after they donated it to them seven years ago.

    We DEMOLISH Continue?

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