Epic Boobs was a podcast style show predating the ContinueCast hosted by the Continue? boys - Paul, Nick, Dom and their friend and Gamervision colleague Luke Brown.

Epic boobs

Show Description Edit

Epic Boobs was 's twice-weekly video podcast starring Dom Moschitti, Paul Ritchey, Nick Murphy, and Luke Brown. It's a video show where a bunch of guys talk about a bunch of stuff. Bet you never saw that before. Well you haven't. Not like this. Also, the show is basically Continue? plus Luke, so it's got to be the best thing on the internet since, well, ever.

Episode List Edit

Twenty-Five episodes of Epic Boobs were produced for between 2010 - 2011.

  1. Every Oprah Poops
  2. We Maybe Miss Nick
  3. Kanye West's Hiccups
  4. Top 5 Horror Chicks
  5. Epic Mancrushes
  6. McDonald's Happy Weed
  7. The Wawa Gobbler
  8. Hot Dog Pizza
  9. Sco-Jo
  10. Ass and Immigration
  11. Don't You Know I'm Four Loko, Esse?!
  12. Happy Thanksgiving Dead You're Dead
  13. Sleigh Bells Ring... Are You Grinching?
  14. Slacktavism
  15. Revisionist History
  16. Video Games... Serious Business
  17. Ghost Man
  18. The Blizzard of '96
  19. Most Extreme Christmas
  20. Arkansamida Strain
  21. What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse
  22. Sex and Superheroes
  23. Golden Globes... Srs Bsns
  24. (Pri)Mites on Ice
  25. Comcast NBC Francis Ford Merger
  26. Toy Fair International 2011 (Uploaded on TheQuarterBinDotCom's YouTube Channel)
  27. Thanksgiving Feast! A Very Special Continue? (Epic Boobs) - (Uploaded on Continue?'s YouTube Channel)

Audio Only Episodes Edit

The Epic Boobs Show: Episode 1 - The Walking Dead's True Grit In MMOs

On their very first audio podcast, the Epic Boobs gang discusses being new to DC Universe Online and World of Warcraft, what they loved about True Grit, and how awesome The Walking Dead comic is. Also, Madonna.

The Epic Boobs Show: Episode 2 - The Green Hornet's X-Files Flashpoint To The PSP2

The Epic Boobs team discusses the finer points of The X-Files, how comic crossover events impact the readership, whether or not the PSP2 can succeed, and just whether or not the Green Hornet can be a box office winner.

True Facts Edit

  • The video show's theme was sung by Dom.
  • The audio podcast's theme is 'Red Max' by the band Sprite Slowdown, it can be downloaded here.
  • Luke's love of Monster Energy drink, which became a running joke on ContinueCast, was first brought up on this show.
  • Josh stood in for Paul on the episode 'Ass and Immigration' as Paul was having surgery to have his face removed. His voice can also be heard on the 'Ghost Man' episode.
  • Josh also edited many of the episodes.

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