Fantasy Fiction was a podcast created and hosted by Dominic Moschitti and Josh Henderson. The hosts read tales of high fantasy set in the lands of Orcspire (created by Dom) and Daranos (created by Josh).

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Each episode the two hosts would write humorous fantasy stories based on prompts suggested by listeners and then read them to each other.

Many episodes would end with a segment called 'Chamber of Knowledge', where two wizards called Old Snickerdoodle and Reeses, The Wize would answer questions submitted by listeners about Orcspire and Daranos, to help our realm understand them better.

Many episodes would feature guests who would read their own stories, often set in their own self created fantasy realms.

Fantasy Fiction - A Podcast About 2 Buff Dudes

Fantasy Fiction - A Podcast About 2 Buff Dudes

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Fantasy Fiction came to an end after 71 episodes produced over the course of two years. This was announced by Dom in a short update released on the show's RSS feed on October 30th 2015[1].

Dom created a new Podcast called Tales from the Tavern which uses a similar format but features a different guest each episode, who, along with Dom, shares a story from their own realm.

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