Last Battle is a side-scrolling martial arts beat 'em up released for the Mega Drive/Genesis in 1989 by Sega.

The Japanese version, titled Shin Seikimatsu Kyūseishu Densetsu: Hokuto no Ken (新世紀末救世主伝説 北斗の拳, lit. "Fist of the North Star: The New Legend of the Post-Apocalyptic Messiah"), is based on the manga series Hokuto no Ken (published as Fist of the North Star in English). Since the international version did not retain the Hokuto no Ken license, the graphics and characters' names were altered.

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Continue or Game Over? Edit

Person Decision
Nick Continue
Paul Continue
Josh Continue

Quotes Edit

"Would you like to see Continue? the game? Here it is!" —Paul

"Punch him right in his semen balls." —Paul

"The bales of hay are going crazy!" —Paul

"His punches have the power of kicks." —Nick

"Is that a shooting star Daddy? No that's just a bad guy sweetheart." —Josh

"That game is super tits." —Nick

"Hope you saved some for Papa Paul." —Paul

True Facts Edit

  • When giving his verdict, Nick proclaimed this to be the best game they have ever played on the show.

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