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sim city mayor, handsome fellow

Paul Ritchey (c. 2003 - October 2011) is a member of the Continue? show. He is usually the first to introduce himself as well as the game they will be playing. He is also the one to remind viewers to like, favorite, and subscribe at the end of each video.

Paul is a plant-based life-form that Nick and Josh grew in 2003 and also a direct descendant of infamous civil war general George Armstrong Custer.

Life Edit

As a child, Paul was confined to a bubble, on which his dad would project horror movies such as The Lawnmower Man. He fought and died in the Vietnam War, after his parent's shipped him off to military school for some reason. No one is sure what side he was fighting for. He also committed suicide shortly after playing The Game of Life for the PS1 but somehow survived to marry his girlfriend, Jen, with whom he had 9 cats and opened an RC car store. He was briefly a professional backgammon player and was the number 3 seed bowler, but gave up these passions because they couldn't support his lavish lifestyle and cocaine addiction.


  • He is Italian American and according to some people, quite the handsome fellow, although some people still wonder #whatevenispaul. He loves his mother.
  • While playing Yugioh Forbidden Memories Paul discovered he is somewhat of a savant at the Yugioh card game.
  • Paul Ritchey has a bizarro world counterpart in Raul
  • Paul is credited as the one who shoots the episodes.
  • Paul has a cat named Licah.
    Paul and licah

    Paul Ritchey and Licah.

  • He's related to General Custer or some shit like that. I think. I can't remember it exactly but it was in a couple of episodes.
  • Paul is a founding member of the band Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.
  • He loves pictures of earthworms riding penny-farthings and was sent one by a fan.
    Ye old earthworm by echaltraw

    Ye old Earthworm by echaltraw

  • He is credited as saying, "It is the privilege of the living to misquote the dead", (see Sky Shark).
    Paul Quote

    "The privilege of the living is to misquote the dead." - Paul Ritchey (by PlayItBogart)

  • Paul has a brother called Ryan who designed the logo for ContinueQuest.
  • Paul does not know how to surf, but would certainly give it a good college try were he not so deathly afraid of JELLY-FISHES!
  • Paul also has a fear of water in video games, demonstrated during him and Nick's playthrough of Shadow of the Colossus.
  • Paul is generally NOT down with genocide, despite his relation to civil war general George Armstrong Custer, who fought and died while trying to steal territory from native Americans in the American Indian Wars.

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