Power Stone 2(パワーストーン 2) is a multiplayer fighting game that built on the innovative gameplay introduced by its predecessor, Power StonePower Stone 2 allows up to four players to choose from multiple characters and utilize items such as tables, chairs, and rocks in battle.

Power Stone 2 originated as an arcade game, like many others on the Dreamcast. The Dreamcast served as a testing ground for successful arcade games. Power Stone 2 included some differences from the original, including new character voices, the removal of the existing combo system and a new, horizontal status bar.

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Continue or Game Over? Edit

Person Decision
Nick Game Over
Paul Continue
Josh Game Over

Quotes Edit

"Nick can't talk now because we didn't do it in the right order!" —Paul

"Yo, look at those fucking dick temples." —Nick

"What if your dick had a hat on it all the time?" —Josh


"What's that Dreamcast? You hungry boy?" —Josh

"Yo, I'm a skateboarding Victorian chick!" —Nick

"I hope that the most commented thing during this episode is 'OHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO'." —Paul

"My Mom wants me to chop my penis off tomorrow." —Paul

"WOOOOP! That's how my dick comes out." —Josh


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